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The journals of the SBMU NRITLD 

  • Tanaffos Respiration Journal. 
  • The scientific-research quarterly journal “Tanaffos Respiration Journal” has been regularly published by the SBMU NRITLD since 2001in English covering various aspects of respiratory diseases, thorax surgery, ICU, and tuberculosis.
  • The journal has been welcomed by researchers and specialists both nationally and internationally, and especially in the EMRO Region.

Tanaffos Respiration Journal has been indexed in many academic and scientific sites including the following: 

  1. Index Medicus for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR);
  2. Index Copernicus;
  3. Google Scholar;
  4. DOAJ;
  5. Electronic Journals Library;
  6. SID;
  7. Magiran;
  8. CABI;
  9. EMBASE;
  10. SCOPUS;
  11. EBSCO 

Professor Mohammad Reza Masjedi is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of the journal, and its Administrative Director is Professor Makan Sadr. 

The interested individuals may access the full texts of the journal articles online by surfing

The other SBMU NRITLD journals are as follows:

  1. Faslnameh-Ye-Mycobacteriology (Published Quarterly in Persian);
  2. Faslnameh-Ye- Pishgiry va Contorole Dokhaniyat (Published Quarterly in Persian);
  3. Nafase Baade Saba (Published Monthly in Persian);
  4. Payameh Parastar (Published Quarterly in Persian);
  5. Tuberculosis (Published Quarterly in Persian);
  6. Moraqebathaayeh Vizheh (Published Quarterly in Persian)
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