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Who was Doctor Masih Daneshvari?
Masih Daneshvari was a sophisticated physician, born in Neyshabour. His father was Seyed Ali Daneshvari his grandfather, Esmaeil Mahz allah, Was a religious scholar.
Masih Daneshvari’s birth brought joy and happiness for the family. His grandfather inspired the name “Masih” from one of the most famous poetry books called “Divane Hafiz”.
When he was 3 years old, his family moved to Kashmar and settled there. They lived there for 6 years. Then his father sent him to Mashhad to study in school, and 2 years later he came to Tehran to continue his education in Saint-Louis school. On that time, two French schools had been established in Tehran.
Entering the medical profession establishing Masih Daneshvari Hospital
Amir Shokat Almolk Alam, Father of Asad Allah Alam Prime Minister Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, sponsored him to study medicine in France in 1924. After finishing education in France, he came back to Iran and established Masih Daneshvari Hospital as a clinical center for patients suffered from tuberculosis and lung diseases in 1938.
Then, Doctor Masih Daneshvari dedicated himself to treat TB patients, and on this way he took a tremendous effort. He also invited pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons such as Doctor Sadegh Ghazi to be involved in management of tuberculosis and other lung diseases and finally he succeeded in turning this hospital to a unique and highly qualified center for TB and lung diseases.

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