International patient admission process
1 Start
2 Tourism companies accompany patients on visit to hospitals
3 Referring to hospital reception
4 Hospital reception calls IPD officer
5 IPD officer assists them to stay at IPD officeIPD officer assists them to stay at IPD office
6 IPD officer ask IPD physician to visit the patient
7 IPD doctor visits the patient and reviews the documents including tests, CT scan, MRI, case summary.  If the patient is hospitalized, the attending physician is notified.
8 `After doctor’s hospitalization permit, the contract will be signed. (Prepayment and a copy of passport are taken)
9 IPD expert coordinate with the medical team
10 IPD expert inform the patient about the time of hospitalization
11 After hospitalization, the IPD nurse provides the patient with instructions 
12 All steps and measures of admission to discharge of the patient are performed by the International Patient Department 
13 End