Welcome to Masih Daneshvari Hospital!
Masih Daneshvari hospital team has obtained official and international certificates to comply with international standards of medical services. Therefore, you can trust and choose this Hospital.
You are guaranteed to receive the best medical and surgical services and enjoy a variety of attractions in Tehran during your hospitalization.
Our International Patient Department office are ready to answer all clients’ questions will answer your e-mail and call within 24 hours.
In order to facilitate and expedite your service and increase your satisfaction, there is a unit called "IPD" at this center located at 7th floor of Imam Hasan Building.


Facilities of hospital rooms:

All rooms enjoy a direct telephone line, television, refrigerator, separate toilet and bathroom, digital bed, nurse call, and sofa bed for cares of the patients. Moreover, there are selected food menus for companions and patients.
The patient’s bag contains soap, shampoo, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, tissue paper, and so on.


Important notes before hospitalization:
•    Have your latest images (radiographs), examinations, CT scans, etc. with you.
•    Notice that not holding these items with you will cause the lack of hospitalization and cancelation of your surgery.
•    The attendance of the child’s father or legal guardian with a valid passport at the time of admission is necessary.
•    Attendance of the father for signing the documents is essential only by an identity card if the patient is under 18 years of age.
•    Hospitalization and admission of patients will be changed according to the opinion of the infection control committee for the care of diseases transmitted from the outbreak of diseases and the care system of tests based on international laws and in case of outbreaks and epidemics of diseases.
•    In case of direct contact of the patient with the center and direct admission through the hospital, the patient should send all his documents including tests, CT scan, MRI, summary of the case if the patient is hospitalized in the treatment center of his country and other documents required by the treating doctor by email. .
•    In case of accepting the patient by the tourism company, the tourism company is obliged to send all the patient's documents including tests, CT scan, MRI, case summary if the patient is hospitalized in the treatment center of his country and other documents required by the treating doctor by email.
•    All steps and measures of admission to discharge of the patient will be carried out by the International Patient Department.
•    The doctor treating the patient will be determined by IPD Physician after reviewing the documents and the patient's visit.


IPD Office Telephone number:

+98(21) 27123766
+98(21) 27123727

E-mail: ipd.nritld@gmail.com